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In 2006, White Center Program Mentor and “Kore Ionz” front man Daniel Pak, created tSBand. The program provided opportunities for our student prophets to experiment and collaborate in creating music. The Band evolved into a new project entitled “My Filipino Roots” assembled from 3 prophets from previous years’ programs. With a fresh, roots/rock/reggae sound, My Filipino Roots spread music and the tSB message, eventually transforming into a brilliant collaboration with the ALL ACCESS Program at Youngstown. With such an amazing group of new and returning mentors, peer leaders, students, and alumni we’re excited to witness the next creative tSB side project!

Go check their website: ALL ACCESS

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What it is?

The Service Board mentors teen to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.

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General inquiries:
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4408 Delridge Way SW, Ste. 100
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