About our Core Program

Each year, the Service Board brings together a group of young high-schoolers and adult mentors from a broad range of academic, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds to engage in a demanding six-month program. Program participants meet twice weekly from January through June, with weekend activities rotating between intensive service learning projects and snowboarding, hence our name: the Service Board.

The Core Program curriculum addresses five core competencies:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Ethic of Service
  • The Arts
  • Job-readiness
  • Civic Leadership

Music, snowballs, fresh food and a sense of community are the common threads that tie the program together. In accordance with our unique mentoring model, each mentor serves the program rather than an individual teen, giving our students a range of strengths and resources from which to draw. We emphasize the importance of youth empowerment and healthy, sustainable decisions to educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Check out our 2018 Program Calendar below.

2018 Winter Program Calendar.xlsx – Sheet1 (2)

Want to Serve as tSB Mentor?

Each year adults from around Seattle volunteer their time to build community and make a difference. Mentoring with tSB is a big commitment, but one that changes lives, both of the youth who participate and the mentors who volunteer.

  • Be present and consistent: tSB meets twice a week from January – June, plus you’ll be involved in some extra activities with tSB students. Each mentor will have 5 excused absences, but consistency is really important.
  • Listen: The most important thing you can do is listen to the youth in the program.
  • Participate: Bring your skills and experience to program and learn alongside our community. Be your awesome self.

Mentor application closed for 2018. Interested in mentoring in 2019? Please contact Cole at cole@theserviceboard.org.

Interested in Our Program?

  • We accepted applications for the 2018 program in October 2017 and closed the application on January 2, 2018.
  • tSB meets every Saturday & Wednesday from late February – early June. (2018 only)
  • On Saturdays, we alternate between community service and shredding mountains!
  • If you can’t make the time commitment or missed the application period to participate as a youth or mentor, please consider joining us as a volunteer/guest during the Program. Guest fee is $35 and we provide the gear, lesson, lift ticket and transportation.

Questions? Check our FAQ or call our office at 206-324-7771 or email us info@theserviceboard.org