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tSB mentors are the snow on our mountain peaks. Rachel, Mandy and Lulu represent!

Each year adults from around Seattle volunteer their time to build community and make a difference. Mentoring with tSB is a big commitment, but one that changes lives, both of the youth who participate and the mentor who volunteers.


Download it here: tSB Mentor Application

What’s it take?

  • Be present and consistent: tSB meets twice a week from January – June (check out the 2014 Calendar here), plus you’ll be involved in some extra activities with tSB students. Each mentor will have 5 excused absences, but consistency is really important.
  • Listen: The most important thing you can do is listen to the youth in the program.
  • Participate: Bring your skills and experience to program and learn alongside our community. Be your awesome self.
  • Give some rides: We can provide bus passes for students, but if you drive a car, you will definitely get some requests for rides. (We will provide gas cards when we’re able!)

(The following is a passage from a poem by tSB alum, Layla Anane.)

The responsibility is yours, to try and bring out the best in us,
Invest in us.
Your caring, your patience
A foundation laid solid through the ages
Of strength never-wither, whether
Or not we do wrong, to err is to be human
To make mistakes is to be alive, and
You are not there to protect us; you are just there to derive
To instill a sense of purpose, to instill a sense of drive
To take life as an offering and not some kind of bribe
You are not there to judge, to re-write or to berate
These words that I’ve seen fit to create
This description is of you all because
For a job that changes lives forever
I can think of no one better.

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What it is?

The Service Board mentors teen to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.

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