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tSB is able to run inspirational and life-changing programs because of support from people like you! Every dollar goes a long way…

$25 is a scholarship for one youth on a snowboarding trip.
$75 sponsors a youth for our closing retreat on June 2nd at Mt. Hood.
$100 provides a healthy, home-cooked meal for 50 people at our meetings.
$275 provides a scholarship for one youth for an entire year.
$500 purchases a trip to the mountains on a Grey Line bus.

Sign up now online- become a tSB Season Pass holder by making a monthly donation!

You can also send donations to our office at:

the Service Board
4408 Delridge Way SW, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98106

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What it is?

The Service Board mentors teen to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.

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General inquiries:
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4408 Delridge Way SW, Ste. 100
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