Meet Our Program Team!

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What’s up tSB Community?! Cole Story, tSB Program Manager, here to recap the year, and introduce our new Program Team! What a year it’s been for tSB – new faces, some Summer fun on the coast, and a successful Soiree event, just to name a few of our big moments this year! But before we go any further, we want to give a huge shout out to Benji Anderson. Benji stepped down as Program Manager earlier this year, and we are so thankful for his leadership, commitment, individuality, and general “dopeness” that he brought to tSB, both as a mentor, and as a staff member. We can’t say enough about Benji and his impact on the community, but his ability to build community and empower youth leadership inspire our team to continue carrying the torch. Thanks to Benji, tSB is stronger than ever, and we are ready for another 23 years of youth leadership, community, and shredding the mountains!

This past year’s Core Program featured an abbreviated program, as we refocused our intentions and commitments to mentoring youth and continuing to create a tight-knit community. From building community over food, to learning, listening, and discussing topics of race, gender, sexuality, homelessness, and more, to laughing, falling, and toe-side/heel-side turns on the mountain, tSB’s core values remain the same. As we look to the future, we’re so excited to continue building on our strengths, and to let the youth lead the way! Our Peer Leader group for the upcoming Core Program is full of ambitious, active, and creative young people! Just a month and half into the Peer Leader program, and they are already forming a tight group ready to lead the way for next year’s Core Program.

Earlier this year, I was hired on as the Program and Development Coordinator, and am now the new Program Manager. Stepping on midway through this past year’s Core Program was definitely a challenge, but I was immediately met with love, community, food, and fun. My first Wednesday Program night focused on self care. We rotated through stations that included free drawing, breakdancing, poetry, and yoga, and yooooo it was so much fun! I can’t dance, draw, do yoga, and I don’t consider myself to be a poet, but doing those activities with a new group, and with people trying new activities was, in my opinion, quintessential tSB. If I wasn’t hooked then, I was definitely hooked after the first retreat, and snowboarding for the first time with the group only cemented that. I’m so appreciative to have just jumped into this community, and to be so warmly accepted!

Speaking of new hires, a huge shout out to our newest members of the Program Team, Roedah Mansour and Eugene Oh! Roedah joined the team in September, and is our new Program Coordinator. Roedah has seamlessly jumped in, focusing her attention on working with the Peer Leaders and incoming mentors. A dynamic youth advocate, Roedah brings her creativity as a filmmaker, and her jovial and warm personality to the squad! We’re so stoked to have another powerful, woman of color on our team! Eugene stepped on as our Program Intern in October to complete his Social Work practicum. Eugene is completing his undergraduate coursework in both, Social Work and Computer Science, at the University of Washington. Since he’s stepped on, Eugene has been a welcomed addition to the team, bringing his positive energy, connecting with the Peer Leaders, and focusing on prophet and mentor recruitment.

As we get ready for next year’s Core Program, we can’t help but feel confident and excited! Look out for this new group of Peer Leaders and the new Program Team to continue building on tSB’s momentum!

–Cole Story, Program Manager


Message to the tSB Community from the tSBoard

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Dear tSB friends and family,

As you know, tSB was sad to say farewell in August to Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd, our wonderful and dedicated Interim Executive Director, who has headed back to school in pursuit of a new career. Chiloe will be missed, especially her energy and dedication to serving the youth in our program. You can read her farewell message here.

As 2017 comes to a close, we will continue to search for the next permanent leader of our organization – one who possesses jut the right blend of leadership, commitment to youth, organizational management, and fundraising prowess to keep tSB thriving for years to come. We’re looking for a leader with that “special sauce” to advance tSB to new heights. It’s a tough challenge, but it’s a labor of love. We are excited to find the person who is just the right fit for our beloved tSB.

Where does that leave tSB in the meantime? Fear not, as we have been working hard to ensure this transition process does not slow down tSB’s work and its mission. To get us through this Fall and into the winter season, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new Interim Executive Director, Lacie West! Lacie comes to us from College Access Now and has been in place since mid-September. To learn about her, please read her bio here. Her leadership skills have already impressed us immensely. From organizing our annual Soiree (November 10th! Tickets available here) to working with staff to plan our 2018 Winter Core Program, Lacie is the right person to provide stability as we continue our search for a permanent ED.

tSB has been working its mission since 1995, fueled by the love and financial support of our community. Your ongoing support is as important as ever during the transition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or feedback for us – we’d love to hear from you at

The snow will fall soon and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Yours in community,

Mary Cadera & Anthony Auriemma
Board Chair & Co-Chair

From the Desk of Sara Bloom-Taylor – My Farewell

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“I’d like to thank the entire tSB community, the mentors, youth, snowboard instructors, staff, and Board of Directors for providing me with the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. I feel honored to have gotten to know some of the incredible people who make up this community and have been forever changed by my time at tSB. It was a challenging time with lots of growth; I learned so much about myself, about how to push my growing edge, and most importantly, how to learn from and be influenced by others. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and my ideas and thoughts were challenged, making me a more thoughtful and courageous person who will continue to work hard to become more aware of myself with respect to the identity of others.

The biggest takeaway from my time at tSB will forever be the youth participants I got to interact with. These young people are truly incredible. They deserve our time, energy, resources, and belief. They are EACH unique, powerful, smart, caring, kind, talented people who will forever surprise you. Do not underestimate them; instead, invest in them and continue to create space for them to shine. I want to thank all of the participants from this last year for letting me hang out with them, get to know them better, and reminding me how to let go and be a kid again.

Thank you tSB for the work you do to dismantle prejudice, build up our next generation, and create a safe space for people of all identities to belong to.”


Thank you & Farewell!

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August 23, 2017

Dear friends, family and community members,

One thing I have learned from my tenure with the Service Board is how relationships flex and change as people grow and take on new challenges. I write this letter as I end my interim role as tSB’s Executive Director and move onto my next big challenge!

I hope this letter may serve as an expression of gratitude, an affirmation of my commitment and lasting support, as well as naming opportunities for tSB to continue to grow.

I wish to express my resounding appreciation to the tSB staff members I have been able to work with. Their dedication to radical honesty, self reflection and commitment to excellence drives the integrity and authentic community building that makes our program unique. tSB staff  have inspired, mentored, and uplifted me. They remain the primary reason why I know tSB will continue to fulfill its mission with grit and everlasting swagger.

As a staff member, I have taken immense pleasure in contributing to an environment that celebrates youth agency and creates tight, long lasting bonds between people. Communities like ours are best practiced as a verb and cannot be upheld without shared accountability. Here is my pledge for the future to perpetuate our mission and support our collectivity:

  • I will continue relationships with the youth, peers and mentors I have connected with. I will show up and I will listen.
  • I will shepherd in new leadership at the Service Board in ways that are appropriate and helpful.
  • I will always be a resource for institutional knowledge and critical feedback.
  • I will yield to the next generation of tSB leaders and will suspend judgement as tSB innovates in unexpected ways in the future.
  • I will hold the organization accountable to the highest standard as demanded and outlined by the youth of Seattle. I will never put my voice above that of the youth we serve.

In return, I expect this organization to continue to grow and surprise me. Here are some areas where I think this can happen:

  • I look forward to watching the Service Board continue to hire and support radical, emerging leaders (folks new to the non-profit world, brown folks, folks without degrees, folks with degrees in completely unrelated fields, young people, old people, trans folks and gender non-conforming folks, queer people and especially program alumni). I hope one day to say, “oh yeah, tSB’s amazing new ED was in the program when I worked there.”
  • After 21 years, the Service Board is in a unique place to take a look at how we interact with social justice issues. Is it enough to do workshops and service learning? Perhaps the needs of marginalized youth in Seattle extend past talking about why their communities are underserved. What would it look like for social justice to be integrated into our mission? Let’s be clear about who we serve and why! How would this affect our relationships with our donors and how we can work on strengthening our donor relationships so they feel informed, are deeply connected to our youth, and feel accountable to our mission.

I look forward to supporting our youth leaders and community as we continue to wrestle with these important questions.

The Service Board has been my refuge for over 10 years. It is the place where I am told that my potential is boundless, that I am inherently intelligent, that I am worth challenging and that my voice always matters. The Service Board has been a community that has healed my wounds and even replaced them with beautiful affirmations. It has been my honor to serve this community and I cannot wait to witness the future of our organization!


With boundless warmth and affection,


PS. Want to know what’s next for me? I do too! I have plans to return to school and become a midwife, but as I leave the Service Board I am soundly embracing the unknown. Also, I’m getting married to my partner who I met in tSB (yay!). I look forward to sharing all my new adventures with my tSB family as I have for the past 10 years and plan to for the rest of my life!

Soiree: Helping You Plan an EPIC 2017

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New Orleans Jazz Escape

This Experience Includes:

  • 3-night stay in a standard guest room at the Hyatt French Quarter New Orleans
  • Admission for 2 including skip-the-line status to the Preservation Hall of Jazz
  • Jazz brunch or 3-course dinner with wine pairing for 2 at Commanders Palace Restaurant
  • Round-trip coach class airfare for 2 from within the 48 contiguous U.S. to New Orleans, LA
  • Winspire booking & concierge service

NASCAR Driver Experience

This Experience Includes:

  • NASCAR car racing experience for 1 at your choice of participating locations throughout the contiguous U.S.
  • 2-night stay in a standard guest room at participating Hyatt Place hotels
  • Round-trip coach class airfare for 2 within the 48 contiguous U.S.
  • Winspire booking & concierge service

Enjoy a package for one participant that provides classroom training AND the ability to drive real NASCAR Sprint Cup cars on a professional super speedway track during two 8-minute racing sessions.

There is no lead car to follow and no instructor riding with you. Personal racing instructors communicate with you using 2-way radio racing electronics, as well as be your spotter, coaching you during the racing sessions and helping you achieve fast speeds safely. Passing is allowed — pass the slower cars as you catch them, putting the pedal to the metal and seeing if you have what it takes to be a NASCAR driver!

The 3-hour experience begins when you arrive at the race tracks infield at the NASCAR Sprint Cup garage. After check-in, get suited up and attend the Drivers Meeting with the Crew Chief that covers all training, instruction and a video presentation. Package includes a graduate certificate, souvenir license, liability and insurance.

Participant must at least 18 years of age or older, be in good physical condition, and have a valid drivers license. Because of safety reasons, cars are restricted to those under 6’7″ tall and weighing less than 270 lbs. Minimum height requirement 5′. Note: Additional driving experiences can be purchased at the time of booking.

tSBIG News

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Dearest tSB Community,

I’m writing today with sincere appreciation, abundant love and humble confidence to share that I will be transitioning out of my role as Executive Director at the Service Board over the next few months to pursue new career opportunities that have recently presented themselves.

While this has been a hard decision, tSB could not be in a better place. Finances are healthy, our incredible staff team is rock solid and core program 2017 is already filling up. Additionally, our board and community are wrapping up a 6 month long inclusive strategic planning process that will position the new leadership to carry us into our next unified and bold chapter.

Serving as the Executive Director at the Service Board for the last two years has been the greatest honor and privilege of my personal and professional life. I am so very grateful for all the relationships I have built-the tSB prophets who are literally changing our world, the mentors and volunteers who pour their hearts and love into our community, donors who believe in our mission and show up year after year, and the board and staff who work their hardest to ensure tSB continues to be the impactful and life changing organization we have always been.

Despite my career taking a new direction, my support of and belief in tSB are not. I will forever champion tSB’s cause and I am so grateful I can continue to see you all at program happenings, events and out and about in Seattle.  

Alex Okerman
Executive Director

Dear Everyone,

As Alex moves into his next chapter, we’re grateful to him for taking the Service Board to new heights. No really–under Alex, tSB launched New Heights, a program dedicated to continuing engagement with tSB youth after high school. Alex has been a strong leader, supporting the staff, the board, and most importantly, the youth with his endless energy, focus, and positivity. He’s amazed us all with his exhaustive fundraising efforts and he fearlessly oversaw a strategic planning process that has given us a five-year plan and decision framework. “The Alex Years” have been good indeed.

While it’s always sad to see a leader of Alex’s caliber go, he leaves us in very strong standing. Best of all, he leaves us with an interim director whom we are very excited about. Stepping into the role is Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd, who’s gained great strategic insight into tSB over the past two years in her role as Program Manager. She’s excited to “see the whole puzzle” by taking on broader responsibility. As a woman of color who participated in tSB as a youth, she understands the power of taking on this role, and hopes to begin a legacy of a leadership ladder through which our youth take more ownership of the organization. Chiloe wants to provide stability and a connection to the organization’s past and her historical knowledge will provide continuity as we enter a period of change.

At this point, our ED search is on schedule and running smoothly and we hope to announce a new ED in early 2017. We’ve curated a thoughtful balance of board members, staff, and community stakeholders who are working hard to steward the process.

tSB has been working its mission since 1995, fueled by the love and financial support of our community. Your ongoing support is as important as ever during the transition. The snow will soon be falling and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Yours in community,
Mary Cadera
Board Chair

Program Coordinator Needed!

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Hi tSB Fam,

It is official. We are looking for a new Program Coordinator for this coming year. We are looking for someone committed, energetic and passionate for working with youth. Because we love the idea of hiring somebody from in the community, we are conducting a brief but competitive hiring process.

This person will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating and facilitating the development of relevant weekly programming incorporating peer and youth leadership, mentor support, and community partners whenever possible.  
  • Maintaining regular records, reports, and reflections on community status at all times including attendance, family groups, weekly emails and online updates.
  • Professionally and compassionately addressing issues and individuals in a timely manner in accordance with tSB Community Agreements and Values.
  • Honoring and developing gifts and capacities of Peer Leaders, volunteer mentors, and youth participants.

Compensation & Timeline:

Full time (32-40 Hours weekly), $18 to $21 Hourly DOE. . Medical, dental, sick leave and vacation time included. Season passes to the Summit at Snoqualmie and Stevens pass available.

Start date November 21, 2016.

Please submit your Cover Letter and Resume to by Monday, October 10, 2016, no later than 5PM. Questions can also be emailed to or by calling 206.324.7771  

For more details here are the announcement and job description:

Intern & Internship Spotlight: Asian Counseling & Referral Services And Nouriyah

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ACRS promotes social justice and the well-being and empowerment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other underserved communities – including immigrants, refugees, and American-born – by developing, providing and advocating for innovative, effective and efficient community-based multilingual and multicultural services.

Nouriyah’s Thoughts

What do you know about ACRS and tell us how your internship is going so far.

ACRS is a non-profit organization that provides social and behavioral services to people in the community, a majority of whom are Asian refugees or immigrants. This includes help with employment, citizenship, immigration, and health. My supervisor is Yong Lim, the Program Supervisor for ACRS’s employment and training services. I assist some of my co-workers at Job Club, helping visitors fill out job applications and producing resumes and cover letters. Outside of Job Club, I help Yong with typical office tasks such as filing and inputting data. This is my first time in a traditional office setting so it’s all a new experience to me.

What kind of skills do you want to gain by the end of your internship and what personal skills have benefited ACRS already?

By the end of my internship, I hope to strengthen the patience I have with others. In high school, I learned the hard way that not everyone learns and understands everything at the same rate. Helping non-native English speakers at Job Club is pushing me to be more patient, kind, and sympathetic towards them. I have to pay attention and be polite when I can’t understand someone, and adapt towards every individual’s needs. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but is definitely helping me grow to be a more understanding person. Since I had never worked in an office before, all the tasks Yong made me do for the first time were new to me. But I think being a quick learner has definitely helped me. Yong always seems surprised that I get work done so quickly. Although the tasks she assigns me are pretty basic, I try hard to be as efficient as possible.

Do you see yourself having a relationship with ACRS or any similar companies in the future?

I am not afraid to admit that I am still figuring out what I would like to do in the future. I am currently trying to double major in International Relations and Communications, considering a minor in Education, and I have interests in a number of other things that are not school-related. Although, as an IR major, I have to take two years of a language, and I am starting Arabic this Fall. I can potentially work for governmental or non-profit organizations where I can use Arabic to help translate. ACRS is a good resource for non-English speakers and I can see myself potentially working for ACRS or similar organizations.

Would you say your internship opened up any other fields of interest in your career path?

I am still undecided about my career path, but my internship has definitely opened my eyes to what I can do with International Relations and Communications. I don’t think that I can work in a traditional office setting, but I’m glad that I’m getting the experience now.

If you could change anything specific from your internship, what would it be and why?

I wish that I could see the other departments at ACRS. I specifically intern for Yong so all the work I’m doing is assigned by her. ACRS is a big organization and I feel like I can learn a lot more about what it does for the community by stepping outside of our office.

Are there any attributes you will carry forward into your future from interning at ACRS?

I’m learning to be a lot more professional and responsible by just being at my internship. I’m surrounded by adults so much that I feel out of place because I know I look a lot younger than my age. I used to think that I carried myself pretty well, but I almost felt like it wasn’t enough when I walked into ACRS. It’s the typical office experience and it was a bit startling to know that I wasn’t seen as a kid by the people around me. Wearing business casual attire and listening to my co-workers speak to each other was all too real. It’s a different world out there. My internship makes me feel like an actual adult.

Tell us about an experience where your skills were put to the test.

I think it was my very first day at ACRS and it was also my first time at Job Club. After Yong gave me a tour, she was quick to throw me in the computer lab where Job Club was taking place. I decided to observe one of my co-workers who was helping a woman look at job listings on Indeed. I was thrown off guard when the man behind me asked me if I could help him. Although I had experience searching for jobs on my own, it was a completely different ball game at ACRS because I have to help make the perfect application based on little knowledge without previously knowing the people. I used my computer skills to help the man upload his resume onto the website, and then used my research and writing skills to help him with a cover letter. I had never written a cover letter before, not even for myself, so I was panicking on the inside. My co-workers were busy helping others, so I forced myself to stay calm, take it slow, and appear confident. After half an hour, we successfully wrote a simple cover letter for the janitorial position that the man was applying for.

Would you recommend others to intern/volunteer at ACRS?

I think it takes a certain person to really enjoy interning/volunteering at ACRS. People who are a lot more outgoing and active probably wouldn’t like it as much as someone who’s quiet, likes to be organized, and is up for doing random assignments. I admit that the work can be a bit tedious, but I also find it relaxing at times.