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Volunteer Orientation Tonight!

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Tonight tSB hosted its first (of many) Volunteer Orientations (well, the first in awhile…). We welcomed some new folks and welcomed back two tSB alumnae into our Volunteer Community and we’re so excited to have them working with us!

If you missed it, don’t worry: Volunteer Orientation occurs the third Thursday of every month from 6:45-8pm @ Youngstown. Check out our “Get Involved” Page on our homepage for more details and RSVP with!

What tSB did this Weekend

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tSB had a fun-filled, action-packed weekend. Half of tSB celebrated kick off, where Mentors and our newly selected Prophets met and got to know each other.

IMG_0848   IMG_0821

Other members of tSB, namely our 12 remaining volunteer Snowboard Instructors spent the weekend at Stevens Pass learning from Coaches and getting trained on AASI Level 1 curriculum. We are now all trained and ready for our first day on the Mountain… in 34 days!




tSB is pumped for the start of our 19th Winter Season together!!!!   

Invitation to Cook for tSB & Be a Meal Team Volunteer!

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All of our volunteers are critical to the functioning of the Service Board, but a Meal Team volunteer  serves in a special capacity. As you may know, tSB’s success is reliant on the depth of the relationship between mentors and youth. Our Meal Team Volunteers provide opportunities for our mentors and youth to bond while sharing a homemade meal on a Program, Service and/or Snowboard Day.
We’d like to share our Program Calendar and Meal needs with you to ask you to commit to one, two or as many meals as you are able by Friday January 31st. While logistics will be communicated with you after you have signed up for a date, essentially what you need to know is that we’ll provide the budget and you (or you and a group of your friends/family) make the food for a specified date listed on this Google Document. Please enter in ALL information, including phone number and email.
Thank you in advance to supporting the Service Board in this capacity. You will receive a confirmation email with more information within ten days of signing up for a specific date. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me at 206-324-7771 or email
We look forward to eating your delicious food!!

Happy New Year!

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As we approach a new year and the launch of our winter program with the tSB class of 2014, a little reflection:
the Service Board has been pushing its growing edge every day of 2013. What does that mean? It’s a phrase that our youth use all the time, usually to describe a meaningful moment when someone takes a leap of faith to accomplish something big. In this case, it means that tSB is growing!
This year alone, we’ve:

  • Hired two incredible new staff members: Jill Kinison, Outdoor Program & Volunteer Coordinator and Sara Pournoor, Program Coordinator.
  • Purchased a much needed 12-passenger van with a grant from the Boeing Employee Community Fund.
  • Grew our summer program to include paid youth internships with Rudy’s Barbershop.
  • Worked with the United Way & 501 Commons to improve our volunteer experience.
  • Cultivated partnerships with Coach Across America, YDEKC and School’s Out Washington to strengthen the quality and outcomes of our programs.
  • Started the process of visioning for organizational growth in 2014 and 2015.

If that weren’t enough good news, this fall, tSB received the Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Engagement Award and we were recently nominated for a prestigious award from the Road Map Project — what a great year it has been!

Thank you so much for being a part of our success. We cannot wait to keep pushing our growing edge with you in 2014!

If you would like to make an end-of-year donation to support our programs now and in the future. THANK YOU! You can make a gift online here.
tSB Bring it In (avi loud 2013)

tSB Snowboard Instructor Training!

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Last weekend we partnered with Stevens Pass Mountain Resort ski school to provide half of our Snowboard Instructor volunteers with teaching training. Despite being freezing cold, our Instructors came away with better tools to coach our youth this year: shared terminology, a learning progression, new games to teach skills, basic safety lessons and ways to give feedback. Plus we all became stronger riders.

photo 1

photo 3
We’ve got another training at Stevens coming up for the other half of our 2014 Snowboard Instructors in January and we’re looking forward to another rad weekend on the mountain!

An Amazing Dream about Family

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We got this note today and had to share tSB Mentor Josefino’s dream…

Had the most amazing dream and woke up and had to share it with everyone. TSB was having a retreat in my hometown In Oaxaca, Mexico. Everyone I have met since I started in the program were there but especially Mickey Suwanchote and Ashley Miller. We were camping alongside the river when I realized we weren’t that far from my Grandmas home and we should stop by and visit her. We showed up to my Grandmas home unannounced. My grandma comes out of her kitchen and is surprised to see so many people on her property.

She sees me, hugs me and asks “who are all these people” but in my native language. I tell her “these people are my family.” She smiles and asks us all to come inside her little wooden kitchen. She pulls her clay pot off the fire and tells me she was making a beef stew and that she didn’t expect company and this is all she has to feed us on such short notice. We all go and grab a clay bowl and start serving ourselves. I head outside to get everyone who didn’t go into the kitchen and I clearly remember asking Alberto Mejia to come try some of my grandmas stew and he drops everything he’s doing, gives one of his amazing smiles and runs into the kitchen to get a bowl of stew. We are somehow able to feed everyone and I do have to end up borrowing a few bowls from my aunt next door but it turns out great.

We all sit around talking and me translating back and forth because my grandma only speaks our native language. As it gets dark I suggest that our heart circle be done around a big fire right where we always made them when I was growing up. The sky is clear and the night a bit chilly but we all sit around the fire and share our hearts with one another. I am so happy to share this special place with my tSB family and that you got to meet my grandma even if it was just in dream. I thank you all for being such amazing people and for showing my grandma the same love you show me even if its just a dream but I know you would have done so in real life as well. You may not have ever physically traveled with me but I know your hearts were and have been there with me always.

P.s. I do also recall that at some point I was hoping we could all go into town because in the winter time we have so many festivals happening and I wanted everyone to experience one and try some tamales.

Now accepting applications!

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HEY! Are you a high school student? Live in Seattle? Need community service? Want to learn to snowboard and meet awesome people? You qualify to be a tSB prophet!


Download the application now.

What to know before you apply:

  • Starting 1/5, tSB meets every Sunday & Wednesday. Wednesday meetings take place at the Lodge Room in Washington Hall from 6-8:30pm (153 14th Avenue | Seattle, Washington 98122)
  • Sunday, we’ll be alternating between community service and shredding mountains!
  • There’s a $35 fee per snowboarding trip, scholarships are available. (We provide the gear, lessons and buses to the mountain)

Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Engagement Award

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We are honored!

Shan at YCEA

We were recently recognized as one of City Club’s five organizations receiving the Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award. We are pleased to represent programs throughout Washington State that are doing an outstanding job of teaching civic skills, providing youth with the opportunity to give back to their community and engaging citizens in democratic decision-making,