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A Huge Thank You to PSCAA

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This summer, tSB partnered with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) to educate and empower tSB youth to take community action regarding air quality and environmental justice. During the workshop, youth learned about common causes of air pollution, the regions and demographics that are most affected by poor air quality, as well as environmentally-conscious options to diminish emissions.

The youth were surprised to learn that “our air quality isn’t as good as we think it is, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest.” At the end of the workshop, we assembled clean air filter fans to install in the youth’s homes, which proved to be incredibly useful because just 2 weeks later, Seattle was covered in forest fire smoke. Look out for that PM2.5.

Check out the blog on PSCAA website!

tSB graduation group photo 2017

Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

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In the middle of June, we attended graduations at seven of the Seattle schools—Nova, West Seattle, Ballard, Rainier Beach, Franklin, SW Interagency, and Garfield—for 2017 program participants. It was truly incredible to see these young people walk across the stage and celebrate the culmination of all their hard work.

The amount of resiliency it takes to not only make it through high school but also complete our intensive six-month program is truly astounding. They showed up daily and put in their best efforts and we feel honored to have been able to experience a piece of who they are and who they are becoming.

Being able to attend these graduations in person along with other youth, mentors, and families was DOPE. The energy as each person walked was pure excitement and pride. We can’t wait to see what their futures hold and we hope we will have them back as mentors, snowboard instructors, and staff.

Tragedy & Action

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The events of the last week–the unwarranted killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and the five Dallas police officers–have left all of us here at tSB feeling heartbroken. We ache for our community and for the many people impacted by these deaths. We stand with all of you who are feeling vulnerable, angry, and helpless. If you are in need of a safe place to process your thoughts and feelings, please contact and we promise to be there for you.

In the midst of this tragedy, we want to remember the strength we have when we pull together as a community and demand change. Below are a few suggestions of actions you can take to make a difference.

Become informed: educate yourself on the issues so you can be a more informed citizen and voter. A great website that explains the issues and offers suggestions to fix them is

Contact local government: make sure your voice is heard at the local level by e-mailing, writing, or visiting Mayor Ed Murray and the City Council. To contact Mayor Ed Murray: To contact the City Council members:

If you feel confused about what you should be asking local government officials to reform, here are a few talking points to research and suggest:

  • Reinstate Pierce Murphy as civilian watchdog for Seattle Police Department’s Office of Professional Accountability
  • Include civilian panel and oversight requirements in the new contract with the Seattle Police Officers Guild
  • Remove provisions in contracts with the Seattle Police Officers Guild that delay investigations, prevent meaningful civilian oversight, and expunge or cover up officer’s disciplinary records
  • Stop the construction of the $160 million North Seattle Police Precinct and the new $210 million youth jail and use these funds for education, officer training, training for de-escalation techniques, and alternative to incarceration

Come visit us a tSB and sign the petition to put Initiative 873 on the ballot. For more information on what this petition is pushing for, visit:

Tim Layton Shines as tSB Snowboard Instructor!

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Tim Layton, a former tSB youth and currently one of our Assistant Snowboard Instructors, stood out as one of the most helpful and dedicated Instructors this weekend at our first on-mountain day.

One of his instructor peers said of Tim: “[he] had a really great attitude and was very positive and encouraging … He had a smile on his face … and I saw him put a smile on the prophets’ faces more than once with his feedback, high fives and good energy.”

tSB 2014 is lucky to have such a great coach working with our youth and mentors. Keep up the filthy instructing, Tim!

Photo: Tim (left) and one of our Peer Leaders, Masra (right) taking a break from all the POW for our tSB Photographer!

Caitlan is a tSB LifeSaver!

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Caitlan Grassi is a Cherry lifesaver for tSB Staff! She has spent numerous hours cleaning and organizing our gear basement spent days in our office inputting data and making thank you cards, and has been a go-to server at our events. When in doubt we know we can rely on her.

Caitlan quietly gets things done but tSB notices!

We love you Caitlan for rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever we need–especially the smiles.

Thank you for being a volunteer shoulder that we can lean on!

tSB ♥ Prisca!

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Prisca Youn is the liaison to tSB for the Rudy’s tSB Summer Internship. Her infectious smile and work ethic constantly inspire others to find joy in completing every task they start to the best of their ability regardless of how small or large that task is. Thanks Prisca for being so awesome!

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Fine arts aficionado Dena has been a driving force in tSB’s Board of Directors. She retires this year from our board and we’d like to show her some well-deserved love for everything she’s done for us!

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Thinking and Thankful

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Pro snowboarder, Think Thank mastermind, superstar at Mervin Mfg, and an awesome friend to tSB, Jesse deserves a huge shout out for always being one of the first to help tSB when we are in need. We just have a few words to say thank you, but the greatness of our gratitude could powder the tallest of mountains!

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