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Sarah Keller, tSB intern

Meet Sarah Keller, tSB’s summer intern

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We are super excited to be hosting an intern on behalf of the city of Seattle’s Seattle Youth Employment Program. We’ve asked her to share a little about herself below. She’ll be working on learning how to write grants, manage our gear inventory, and whipping our office into a more organized state. Please join us in welcoming her to the tSB summer team. Here’s a little information about the newest member of the tSB family:

Sarah Keller is a Seattleite who spent three years working in the Buddy Program, mentoring children with disabilities. In 2014, she received a peace award from advocating for Mental Health Awareness and the Stop Bullying Project. Sarah is a student at SouthWest Cultural Arts Center, graduating early with a 3.0, and plans to go to college to major in Sociology.

Sarah likes to spend her free time writing poetry, drawing, hiking, and loving her five quirky cats. Her ideal vacation would definitely be hiking down Shi Shi Beach in the Olympic National Park, and setting up camp on the sand. Although Sarah has many passions, she wants to take action towards the growth of a more accepting society when it comes to race, gender, and sexuality.

Sarah has many goals for her future, such as working in Child Development, advocating for Mental Health Awareness, becoming skilled in a variety of different Arts, and owning at least three big dogs.

Help the Service Board turn $50,000 into $100,000!

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During August, your gift will have twice the impact on Seattle youth who need safe space where their voices are heard.

Our community supporters Fishermen’s Finest, evo and the tSB Board have stepped up to provide a fundraising challenge that will match your donations dollar for dollar for up to $50,000 in the month of August. Please make a donation today and help us raise $100,000 during a critical transition period for tSB. Money raised will help ensure that we have the resources to hire our next great leader, lay a more sustainable path forward and continue serving a critical need for youth.

Donate Now

You can also send donations to our office at:

the Service Board
4408 Delridge Way SW, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98106

“One of the greatest things I got from tSB is to ‘push your growing edges.’ You had to step out of your own bubble, you need to try new things, and it was okay through the process to fail and fall because that’s how you learn to grow and better yourself.”

– Maryyah T., tSB alumna

Thank you to our incredible Community Supporters!

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tSB graduation group photo 2017

Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

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In the middle of June, we attended graduations at seven of the Seattle schools—Nova, West Seattle, Ballard, Rainier Beach, Franklin, SW Interagency, and Garfield—for 2017 program participants. It was truly incredible to see these young people walk across the stage and celebrate the culmination of all their hard work.

The amount of resiliency it takes to not only make it through high school but also complete our intensive six-month program is truly astounding. They showed up daily and put in their best efforts and we feel honored to have been able to experience a piece of who they are and who they are becoming.

Being able to attend these graduations in person along with other youth, mentors, and families was DOPE. The energy as each person walked was pure excitement and pride. We can’t wait to see what their futures hold and we hope we will have them back as mentors, snowboard instructors, and staff.

tSB group photo at Mt. Hood 2017

tSB End of Season Retreat at Mt. Hood

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One critical part of the tSB Program is retreats. In 2017 we were fortunate to get to take our participants to Soundview Camp as a program kick-off, hosted an overnight lock-in at the 2100 Building for mid-year bonding, and ended our program at Windell’s Camp & Timberline in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

These retreats create the space for youth and mentors to bond, provide free time for each person to get comfortable, and allow all of us to remember what true, unbridled joy and fun feels like. Finally, they also give us the time to host our ‘heart circles’ where each participant has a chance to be vulnerable about the issues they are facing in life, without interruption and with full support from the rest of the group.

Our time at Mt. Hood to wrap up this year’s program was immeasurably wonderful. We spent a day snowboarding at Timberline Lodge, a truly mind-blowing experience. From Timberline, you can see at least four volcanic mountains and the resort itself is situated on a glacier. It’s an amazing opportunity for our participants to take the skills they’ve been learning all year and enjoy a day of incredible snowboarding. It’s truly inspiring to see everyone having so much fun, trying new things, riding together, and challenging themselves.

We stayed at Windell’s, one of the coolest camps around. The entire grounds are skateable, there’s a mess hall, a giant outdoor trampoline, a huge indoor skateboard park, and a ramp and two additional indoor trampolines that all lead into foam pits!

What’s truly remarkable about this retreat is the unstructured space that everyone has to connect with each other. We really see the magic of tSB here as everyone is included and they play together, teach each other new tricks and games, and truly enjoy their time. Since this retreat comes at the end of the year, the participants have had six solid months to get to know each other and their comfort with each other is obvious. We’re so grateful to our generous donors, corporate partners and the foundations we work with for helping make these amazing experiences possible for the youth, mentors, peer leaders and staff.