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Day of Caring, Day of Service, Day of Gratitude

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Yesterday, United Way of King County hosted its annual Day of Caring Event and the Service Board was lucky enough to have their project selected. Yesterday, we hosted 23 volunteers from Microsoft’s User Experience – Bing Division. Their mission: help tSB reorganize our equipment and apparel from our basement to gear up for our snowboarding season.


For those of you who have seen our basement, you know this was quite the undertaking…but nothing that this group couldn’t handle.  For four  hours, we moved, sorted, compiled and played with our gear.









A big shout out to our handy volunteers who moved furniture, built new organizing systems, folded clothes
and especially to those that weren’t afraid to get a little dirty!




We honestly couldn’t have done any of this without you. We want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone that came out to support #tSB to help us get organized for our winter program during the #dayofcaring.



tSB ♥ Prisca!

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Prisca Youn is the liaison to tSB for the Rudy’s tSB Summer Internship. Her infectious smile and work ethic constantly inspire others to find joy in completing every task they start to the best of their ability regardless of how small or large that task is. Thanks Prisca for being so awesome!

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White Center Food Bank

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On March 24th, after two weeks of programming on poverty, nutrition and organizing, we took our prophets out to the White Center Food Bank.

Linda and Mara weeding out a plant bed at the local White Center Garden

Not only did we help organize and clean the food bank, but we also noticed that they needed help with thing like weeding and and fertilizing the beds at the local community garden, so we jumped right in. We had just talked a lot about Grocery Deserts and how often times working-class communities don’t have access to healthy and fresh produce, so we were excited to help with this project.

tSBe stress free

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We here at the Service Board are big on our physical health and mental health. We thought it would be a great idea for us to have a stress less seminar. Stress a.k.a the silent killer cause more harm than we’d like to believe sometimes. As a youth in Seattle life can be quite stress just like any where else. School, grades, relationships, friends, family all that stress  piles up. So we organized a stress less day where we had yoga classes, to help build core strength and flexibility because when our tenses it causes stress. We also had a exercise class to get people feeling good about them selves and feeling fit. Exercising helps release tension. We lastly had a Meditation course to were all the youth and mentors and internes could just relax and not worry. We meditate to focus on positive vibes and stress free things. This is just some of the many things that we at tSB offer our youth. We support them and help build healthier life styles. We encourage youth to try new things and activities like yoga and meditation. #tSBepositive #tSBestressfree

Interviewing Coi. He loves Snowboarding!!

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HI! Media Intern Mickey Here!

Last weekend was our second time snowboarding and it was a blast!! Shred the Gnar – this is a philosophy that we all follow. This saying has helped tons of new and old tSBers snowboard. Our new Snowboarders are learning so fast and so well. Snowboarding teaches people to push their growing edges and it has definitely helped Coi.

Coi is a prohet(1st Year) to the program. After a tiring day, I interview Coi.



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Fine arts aficionado Dena has been a driving force in tSB’s Board of Directors. She retires this year from our board and we’d like to show her some well-deserved love for everything she’s done for us!

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Happy Holidays!

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Peer Leader As the snow falls in the mountains, the candles are lit and the trees decorated we at tSB would like to take a moment to focus on a few of our favorite things.

First and foremost YOU.  All of you who make up this big diverse tSB family of ours. Whether near or far you make tSB a success. Our Mentors!  This year we have 10 (mostly ) new mentors who are willing to give their time and energy to grow and learn with tSB youth. Our Youth! 2013 will usher in the 18th year of tSB and we have 35 fresh faces ready to go on the tSB adventure with us. On a mountain or in Washington Hall they are willing to push themselves to new heights. Our awesome volunteer Snowboard Instructors—without you we would never get to our feet!  All of our great volunteers and interns; we couldn’t fill our bellies, wax our boards, or get any pretty pictures without your tireless efforts.  The Board! Without you working behind the scenes, tSB, well, just wouldn’t be.  And don’t think we could forget our Peer Leaders! Those amazing youth who work so hard to plan program, train mentors, and be exemplar leaders for  everyone.  All of these things make  tSB. the Service Board  is hands down our favorite thing because as one of our Peer Leaders put ittSB makes me feel like a family. That has my back no matter what. ” 

Thanks for always having our back and may your holidays be filled with love!