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Two Weeks!

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tSB has been rollin’ 2 weeks deep as of today! Our Kick Off was phenomenal, the first program night bonded the mentors to youth, and for our first Sunday service, we spent the snowy morning at WAPI envisioning what our year in service will look like.

Meeting the new class of 36 Prophets  is definitely the best way to start 2012. Sharing laughs, playing games, spending bonding time, and learning more about each other, and getting prepared for a year of service and shredding!
Thanks to Where Ya At Matt for catering tSB’s Kick Off for the second consecutive year! Your commitment to youth programming is outstanding. And thank you to tSB alum Rosario-Maria Medina for the delicious meal of taquitos, rice, beans, and yummy gelatin-free cookies. Way to give back to tSB! We are grateful for you.

So what’s next for tSB? We had to cancel our last Tuesday program meeting because of the thick snow that’s been pelting the city, but this Sunday we expect to bring youth through to tSB HQ at Youngstown to get their gear and prepare for the first taste of the mountains! If you’re experienced in gear fitting (finding the right size boots, board, and setting up bindings), we’d love to have you join us.

Tax Break

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EJK Accounting and Tax Services has sponsored EVERY tSB event this year! How’s that for outstanding? We want to take a little break to give you the love and gratitude you deserve.

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We have the most awesome E.D. ever. Period.

We’re feeling really refreshed and loved at the tSB office today after a successful Soirée last week. Big shout out to our Peer Leaders (second-year tSBers) for their phenomenal energy and presence!

Family Circus

Thursday evening was graced with the signature Seattle rain: a dripping ocean from an icy gray sky with gusts of chilly wind between the drops. In the midst of the pelting downpour, within the shelter of warm velvety walls in the Georgetown Ballroom, was an epic event readying to unfold.

The smell of salty popcorn, corn dog hors d’oeuvres, and cotton candy circulated the room as youth tSBand, Smooth Technique, jammed out R&B and jazz tunes onstage. tSB youth were out and about, mingling and handling all the details to make sure the night ran smoothly, from the neatly folded napkins to the perfected heartfelt speeches about how tSB changed them as young adults. An aerialist danced in the air, our clown photographer Desiree (tSB alumnae!) snapped stills, and Patrick Wrights‘ circus-themed was spammed with happy faces as dapper youth and mentors served platters of food by The Leary Traveler

It was a great night to remember with heartfelt stories from the youth about how tSB has changed them as young adults, and a perfect opportunity for the them to mingle with the community whose support made it all possible. The soiree truly was a tSB family-made effort, and we appreciate everyone who attended and contributed to another year dedicated to pushing growing edges.

Dynamic Duo, PL Baati and mentor Aldrin!


If you missed it, tSB is here year round! Check out the photos from the photo booth and Desiree Gross, and a clip made by the tSB youth for you!

Great way to introduce  the holidays with a bang!



evo l(ove)

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tSB has been fundraising like crazy to gear up for the new program year, and we want to take the time to give some love to evo who has contributed so generously to our community!

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tSB @ Evo 10 Year Anniversary

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Staff Sarah and Peer Leader Mickey; Their dynamic charm is what got everyone to bid!

What a way to start off the weekend! Friday was Evo’s big 10 year bash, and we are grateful to had been a part of it! Thumping music, mannequins showcasing the latest snow gear, glowing platforms with dancing 6 year olds in wayfarers, live painting artists, a vintage snowboard gallery, free cupcakes, tshirts, stickers, food… Evo 10 Year was the place to be. Not to mention the radical line up we had for our silent auction. Trips to Mt. Bachelor, entire snow outfits, huge gift certificates, and so much more was up for grabs for DIRT CHEAP! All the entry and silent auction proceeds went to tSB, and for that, we are super thankful! Thanks for being so awesome Evo!

For those who couldn’t make it, don’t be bummed that you missed out! The snowboarding industry has a lotta love for the community. Our friends at the Piranha Shop are having a special movie premiere of the “Bottom Line” this Friday, doors at 8:30pm. tSB will be there with a raffle (cheapest way to win!) and awesome prizes, as always. See you then!

Dressing as a pirate is encouraged!

First Youth at BRIDGES Conferences!

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tSB Squadron at BRIDGES!

Last Tuesday, tSB was honored to be the first-ever group of youth to attend the 9th BRIDGES conference at the Sheraton hotel in Downtown Seattle. BRIDGES is an annual meeting of educators and youth workers who are committed to creating a society that values youth and allows them to grow into all they can be. For the past 8 years, this was an adult-only event, but this year, tSB was selected to take part in the bigger discussion, learn about undoing institutional racism, and bridging the gap between in-school and out-of-school program.

Carlos leads the group discussion!

“The afternoon discussion that happened after lunch that was based on race, ethnicity, and nationality. It was interesting to experience everyone’s reactions to the different activities we participated in including my own. Many people learned new perspectives on things and some of them intrigued me,” said tSB youth LaQuan Andereson. It was a radical experience and thanks to the people at BRIDGES for inviting us!

Here’s a clip of Amina’s group response to the following question: What would you say to someone who says that racism is a thing of the past and no longer exists in 21st century America?

What would you say?

Pai Pongsupaht

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He's gonna hit ya with that tSB flavor.


Pai is tSBrilliant! He’s the mastermind behind tSB’s growing Food & Nutrition program, the cool cat that served as a dope mentor, and an awesome Board member. He has taught us a lot about what it means to live well, eat well and love compassionately. These days he’s been feeding Seattle’s appetite in his Thai-Hawaiian food truck, Pai’s, which is uber popular! Even though he’s super busy with his business, Pai always makes time for tSB, and for that, we are thankful. You’ve given us not only food for our tummies, but food for thought. We love you Pai!

Art in the Park

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Sunday was a great day! tSB family, friends, peer leaders, mentors, alumni, and potential Prophets (1st year students) put their creative hands and minds to use to finish an intricate art mural at the Delridge skate park. What an awesome way to give back to the neighborhood we call home! After 5 hours of working in the last of Seattle’s summer sun, we put the finishing touches onto the tile mosaic.


This Saturday will be Delridge Day, and the official opening of the Delridge Skate Park. Come visit us and witness the awesome legitness of tSB art yourself. We’ll be there, so come around and get to know us!