Business Sponsors:

The Business underwriting is a critical part of The Service Board. We have received over half a million dollars in donated goods over the years, from art supplies to snowboards. Each year, this means at least 50% of tSB’s budget comes as in-kind goods from small, local businesses to enormous (but nice) multinational corporations.


Athletic Support:

Have you ever been an athletic supporter? Now’s your chance! Contact us to find out about supporting tSB with product donations. Not only do you get to be featured on the website, we promise loads of thank yous and all kinds of surprises.

Thank you!

  • Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation
  • Barry Briggs Family Foundation
  • ChenSteinO’MalleySven Foundation
  • Cedarmere Foundation
  • Charlotte Martin Foundation
  • Lucky Seven Foundation
  • Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture
  • Medina Foundation
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Microsoft Corporation