About Sara

As tSB’s Development Coordinator, Sara secure’s financial funding, plans events, and strategizes and executes the short and long term strategy to achieve sustainable community support.

Sara moved to Washington in 2008 to attend Seattle Pacific University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then, Sara has grown quite fond of Washington and finds it increasingly difficult to leave. She spends her free time exploring new neighborhoods and enjoying all of Washington’s natural beauty by camping, hiking, bike riding, backpacking, ferry riding, kayaking, or whatever method of exploration suits the moment best. The rest of Sara’s free time is spent traveling with her friends and family. Before coming to tSB, Sara worked in the buying department at evo, where she cultivated a love of the outdoors and many great relationships. She is excited about tSB and their work because she believes in the importance of building and sustaining local communities and enabling youth to stand up as leaders who give back.

For any questions about the Service Board or if you want to chat about adventures, contact sara@theserviceboard.org.