About Alex

As Executive Director, Alex works closely with the board of directors, staff and volunteers  to ensure that the mission of the Service Board is accomplished. Alex is also tasked with co-developing  and implementing the long-term vision of tSB while responding to the immediate day to day needs of the organization.

Alex graduated with a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University in June, 2015. His undergraduate degree from Western Washington University focused on Law and Diversity and opened the doors to his career in activism. Between leading kids on outdoor trips over the summers and engaging in social justice work at school, Alex developed a passion for advocating for youth. During his work at the YMCA, Youthcare and now at the Service Board, Alex has dedicated himself to empowering kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them to develop core competencies in problem solving, identity formation and leadership.

In his spare time, Alex can be found outside, paddling or sailing the Puget Sound and climbing mountains in the Cascades.
For any questions about the Service Board or if you want to chat about boats contact alex@theserviceboard.org.