About Jacob

Jacob Y. Chin serves as the Operations and Outreach Coordinator at tSB and is responsible for program logistics, recruiting program participants, managing operational systems, social media communications, and administrative tasks.

Jacob has been involved with tSB since 2010, when he first joined as a prophet. He’s continued to invest his time and energy in our community as a snowboard instructor and volunteer since then. Jacob recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in American Ethnic Studies and Sociology. As a student, Jacob dove headfirst into student activism and community organizing around social justice issues. Through these experiences he developed a fiery passion towards using education, self-empowerment, and mentorship as a means to fight for social justice. At his last job he was the Operations Manager for the International Examiner, an Asian American Pacific Islander community newspaper, where he was responsible for research, scouting new points of distribution, and timely delivery.

During his free time, you can often find Jacob engaging in martial arts, playing online video games, or taking time to connect with family and friends. It is also not uncommon to find him stuffing his face with delicious grub.

You can contact Jacob about getting involved with the Service Board at jchin@theserviceboard.org