Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd has stepped up as the Interim Executive Director. With her institutional knowledge, incredible intuition, and strong management skills, Chiloe will be guiding tSB through a time of transition, ensuring continuity and powerful programming.

Chiloe began at the Service Board as a prophet in 2008 and has since occupied many  leadership positions within the organization. Before joining tSB staff, Chiloe mentored new students at South Seattle community College and taught sexual education at Franklin High School. She also spent three years on the east coast doing legal advocacy outreach in queer communities of New York City and studying Hip hop activism at Hampshire College.

Chiloe’s  passion is working with young people to help them explore identity and create lasting social change. Additionally, Chiloe is also fueled by urban gardening, hip hop, cooking, science fiction novels and video games.
You can contact Chiloe with any questions or anything related to hip hop at