Our Mission

the Service Board (tSB) mentors teens to conquer personal and cultural challenges through outdoor adventure, environmental and social justice education, and public service.

What We Do

We provide Seattle teenagers with a safe space where their voices are heard, where they are valued, where they find a supportive community, and where they are encouraged to thrive. Our six-month long program focuses on engaging minority communities; we seek to support 35-45 youth, 15-20 adult mentors, and 15-25 snowboard instructors each year.

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Core Values

Service:  Service is integral to tSB’s mission, and we teach youth in our program to appreciate and invest in their communities. We take a strengths-based approach to working with our communities and identify assets rather than deficits. Giving back what we can and embracing a philosophy of service enables tSB to utilize the strengths of our members and supports success in all of our program participants.

Social Justice:  tSB integrates social justice theory and practice throughout every part of our organization, from programs to operations. Together, we examine our cultural intersections and explore the ways in which institutionalized racism, oppression, sexism, etc. can affect our community. We are forever committed to being an equitable, inclusive, and diverse organization.

Adventure:  At tSB, we encourage staff and youth to “push their growing edge.” We do this by pursuing adventure through fun, healthy risk taking, learning from our mistakes, working through difficult conversations, meeting physical challenges and problem solving.

Integrity:  tSB is a nimble organization that embraces creative problem solving and innovation. We strive to develop the highest quality in our programming and believe in expressing gratitude to our supporters and participants. We celebrate our success and share our struggles with transparency and honesty.

Community:  tSB embraces community as a collective and creative force. We respond to challenges and create direction with the support and guidance from our valued mentors and stakeholders. Our relationships incorporate trust, loyalty, and reciprocity.

Communication:  Communication is how we build trust and strong relationships with tSB’s youth, volunteers, funders, and partners. We believe timely and respectful communication is a personal and professional requirement towards achieving integrity and quality standards within our organization.

Swag:  tSB embraces a loud youthful energy and is committed to representing our organization with a raw, vibrant, and unique identity. Our Swag is how we walk, talk and interact with the world. It is our style, our grit, strength, and energy.


In 1994, a young snowboarder named Jay Bateman was killed in a tragic, drug-related murder. Community members saw this event as a call to action: no longer could we sit by while kids grew up absorbing messages of consumption and competition. A group of local activists decided to create a program where young people could come together to laugh, dream, think, and explore the true meaning of community: The Service Board was born.

Hard work paid off, and in January of 1995 we opened our doors to high-school students from across Seattle. Each year, more students came in and thanks to founders Thomas Goldstein and John Logic, we were able to accommodate them. Since then, we have continued to adapt to the needs of our Seattle community while maintaining the values expressed above that we believe are core to providing the best programs possible.