The Dream Team

Ashley Miller, Executive Director

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Though Ashley’s been in Seattle all of her life, she didn’t find home until she found tSB. She started here in 2006 as the Administrative Assistant and has since served as the in-house chef and Director of Development, and became the Executive Director in 2008. She is honored to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible team and the space to grow as a leader and person in the position. In 2012, Ashley was awarded Outstanding Supervisor for Mentorship by the University of Washington School of Social Work and continues to build her skills as a servant-leader. She is also active in the community; she serves as a member of the Youth Development Executives of King County Advisory Board, a member of AFP Washington, currently volunteering with the Children’s Alliance and is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow.  In her free time, Ashley enjoys  falling down mountains, playing basketball and singing to herself or on the karaoke stage.

Sara Pournoor, Program Coordinator

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Bio coming soon!

Jill Kinison, Coach Across America: Outdoor Program Coordinator

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You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl. It took 22 years before she pumped her own gas and she remembers fondly spending summers on the Jersey shore. Though born and raised in the Garden State, Jill discovered at the age of 19 that the Emerald City was where she needed to be when her family visited, before hopping aboard an Alaskan cruise. She found her way back to Seattle for graduate school at Seattle U in 2008 where she learned you didn’t have to wear a varsity jacket or have any athletic ability whatsoever to appreciate recreation, especially in the Pacific Northwest playground. It was because of a practicum with Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Outdoor Opportunities (02) program where she learned to snowboard. Jill embraces the cheese from years of teambuilding on Challenge Courses and working with student organizations on college campuses. She can always be found listening to top 40 music, reading on her Kindle or wishing she were Zooey Deschenel while wearing her Texas A&M Aggie Wrangler boots and pretending she can country-western dance.

Lace Lawrence, Development & Admin Assistant

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Lace was born and raised in a small town on the Yakama Indian Reservation where she developed a love for horses and the Earth. At 18 she headed to WSU, where she learned to use her powers for good and started pursuing non-profit work. While at WSU she also fell madly in love with the awesome sport of rugby. After7 years of playing; she finally “retired” and began coaching the UW Women’s team and recently became the Vice President for the Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference. When she isn’t yelling at college women to run faster she’s spending time with her second great love in the amazing Cascades. A few years ago she strapped skis on for the first time, since then she spends months chasing steep terrain and fresh pow. Through tSB, Lace feels like she can combine her love of the outdoors, sport, and community into one awesome way to make a living. She is excited to start changing the world through tSB and to get off the skis and onto a board!

Franklin Joyce, site builder extraordinaire

franklin and jun 150x150 The Dream Team Jun and Julie did all the work.

Thomas Goldstein, John Logic and SnoCon, tSB Founders

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4 Responses to “The Dream Team”
  1. Rajinder Daisy says:

    ” So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth” this is a quote that examples the very thing that The Service Board is about and hope this rise of community building and bonds of friendship develop miss you all much love in olympia.

  2. Drea Mstheny says:

    You guys… and gals are amazing! Miss you all!

  3. Sandra Dunn says:

    Congratulations to all as you end your year. I talk about you and TSB pretty much every day to someone (I just can’t say enough about TSB!) and I am getting so good at pulling up the website quickly, so that all can see the great team and all that you do. I love TSB and congrats to all of the 2011 Grads. Enjoy the Summer. Much Love, Sandra

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