We provide Seattle teenagers with a safe space where their voices are heard, where they are valued, where they find a supportive community, and where they are given the space to develop as leaders.


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the Service Board (tSB) mentors youth to conquer personal and cultural challenges through outdoor adventure, environmental and social justice education, and public service.

tSB provides youth:

hours of mentorship
hours of volunteer service
hours of life skills development
hours of snowboarding
indelible community experience

Meet Our New Executive Director, Lacie West!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve hired Lacie West as the permanent Executive Director at tSB. Lacie is a strategic leader with extensive nonprofit fundraising and communications experience, deep roots in Seattle and a passion for youth and community! Lacie may be a familiar face to some of you as she’s been serving as Interim Executive Director at tSB since September. Lacie in only a few short months, successfully mobilized the community and organized an impressive (and fun!) Soiree that exceeded our fundraising goal. We are confident that Lacie is the right person to move tSB forward as a stronger and more sustainable organization.

Personal impact



Check out this article on KUOW about past tSB Prophet and Peer Leader, Graham Blair! 
His mother, Jordan Blair is a current tSBoard Member!

tSB program night closing circle

One of the greatest things I got from tSB is to 'push your growing edges.' You had to step out of your own bubble, you need to try new things, and it was okay through the process to fail and fall because that's how you learn to grow and better yourself.

Maryyah T., tSB alumna

The Service Board helped me realize that having goals and mentors are pivotal to the art of living and you should never take life for granted because you never know who you might meet or what you might accomplish.

Julius D., tSB alumnus

the Service Board program is ambitious, consciousness-raising and fun. (Our son) embraced it with enthusiasm and benefitted immeasurably. In fact, our entire family has grown through this experience and we are thrilled to have found this wonderful organization to support!

Kathryn B., tSB parent

tSB is a place where everyone is loved. It’s a place where I can express myself freely. In this program, people taught me that it’s okay to speak my mind and be myself around others. tSB is where you are around other people who want to be around you.

Angela K., tSB alumna

tSB taught me what a community is, what a family truly is, and how to care for others and myself. Because of tSB, I have become more outspoken and a leader others can depend on.

Tammy L., tSB alumna